Check out the Gold Plated iPhone 7 that comes with an exclusive Donald Trump engraving

Many of us on planet earth were yet to fully fathom US Presidential candidate – Donald Trump’s recent win. While the depths of his power and popularity now stand proven, who had thought he wouldn’t leave even your harmless little phone un-spared? Thanks to a Russian Company, your beloved iPhone 7 will now come with the president elect’s face emblazoned in gold.

For iPhone lovers and ardent Trump enthusiasts, this most certainly is good news. The custom iPhone is manufactured by a Russian brand -Caviar, which aptly honors the entrepreneur’s iconic win. The gold plated handy features Trump’s portray with an additional gold emblazonment that reads his famous campaigning slogan – “Make American Great Again”. While the exclusive apple phone is designed in honor of the President elect’s victory, its manufacturers also aim for reconciliation between Russia and the United States for the good.

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Further, the company also desires to hand over one of these exclusive phones to none other than the man (Donald Trump) himself. The exclusive ‘Trump’ed’ phones are out for purchase and can be bought by fans for $3100 USD. In the past, Caviar has also made other custom iPhones and engraved Apple Watches in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Lenin, and Peter the Great. Whether or not the quirky Trump phone resolves any issues between the two countries, it will certainly see great sales-thanks to the President’s die-hard supporters!

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