Fendi gets thumbs up with world’s first fragrance-infused handbags

When you think of gifts to give your lady love, perfumes and handbags are without a doubt on top of that almost interminable list. Fendi has made your gifting distress disappear by releasing what can be the world’s first fragrance-infused bag! The Italian fashion house is adding to the iconic leather Baguette bag a dash of fragrance that will last for 3 years. For those who want a more intense scent, you’ll get a 5mL bottle of perfume with it, to be sprayed on a card inside your bag as you choose. Talking about fragrances, Fendi bags feature leather infused with “FendiFrenesia” the exclusive fragrance designed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. The bags will not only look awesome but smell “musky” and “leathery” and gender-neutral as described by Fendi.

The fragrant Fendi collection includes three limited-edition bright yellow and white versions of the Baguette handbag. Each of these bags come in varying sizes so you can pick as per your preferred size; the line includes a standard Baguette size, a slightly bigger version, and a ‘nano’ bag, each of which features leather infused with the brand’s new fragrance, FendiFrenesia. Launched in December 2019, the collection made its exclusive debut at Fendi’s Miami Design District store. The miniature version is available on Fendi’s website for a monstrous $630. The limited collection is available in stores until December 20.


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