Gold threads and sapphires make up the worlds most luxurious swim trunks

Inspired by the crystal clear waters of St. Tropez, Vilebrequin is a swimwear label born of bright colors, classic style and a spirit of adventure. The brand may have humbler roots, but their latest offering is a true testament to their luxurious outlook. Their Golden Turtle Swim Trunks are practically a work of art featuring turtles embroidered from 24 k gold thread.

The shorts are hand sewn and can be further customized with the addition of two gold aglets (cord tips), and if that’s still not posh enough for you these can be embedded with navy blue sapphires. Depending on the degree of bling you opt for, prices could be as high as $13,850! Now that’s what we call making a splash!
Of course if you’re looking for a realistic price range, you can always buy one of their more mainstream pieces priced between $120 and $250.

[Vilebrequin via Luxury Insider]

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