Lamborghini Gallardo stilettos are outrageous

Am not sure whether shoes inspired by cars are the best accessories to flaunt. I mean absolutely no sane woman would like to be seen wearing shoes that resemble a car! That is why I was left quite astonished when I came across the Lamborghini Gallardo stilettos. Designed by Modo illustrator Tim Cooper as a potential product from Tonino Lamborghini, they are definitely showstoppers (for the wrong reasons of course). Based on the design of the defunct Gallardo Superleggera, the pumps boast of carbon fiber stilettos holding up the back. This is definitely great to cheer up the girl who someday wants to own her very own Gallardo. Quite hilarious and unique, they definitely bowl us over.

The only people I see wearing these shoes are the models in those crazy commercials or promotional events. Otherwise these shoes are a no-no even for a Lamborghini fan.

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