The worlds first ‌luxury‌ ‌garment‌ ‌hanger‌ ‌is here. It costs $250 and could be what your Haute Couture pieces deserve

Some people buy clothes, and some people buy fashion. Haute couture pieces sometimes cost more than what people make in a year, and how do they end up? Don’t the pieces that were imagined, designed, created, and worn so carefully deserve something special in their after-life (after being worn once or twice)? Preserving fine garments is in no way an easy task when all your tools are wrong, which is where the outstanding Lou Hansell garment hangers, the world’s first luxury hangers, step in. These pieces are created to support the most important clothes over time. Believe it or not, much like a piece of art or a vital invention, the luxury hangers took five years in the making to result in an object that replicates the contours of the human form. Lou Hansell, an avid clothing enthusiast, and collector himself has created the finest garment hanger the world has ever known that aims to be the ideal way to store a garment, hanging it exactly how it is was designed. Sentimental and heirloom pieces require special care and these fabulous hangers help stave off natural erosion.

Pamela Kugel, President of Lou Hansell, explains the painstaking process that went into creating these luxury hangers, “We set out to design something disruptive and visionary in the luxury apparel sector using a combination of exquisite form and function to create the first ‘for luxury’ garment hanger. With a global team of artisans, bespoke tailors, design engineers, and world-renowned leaders in the technical calculation and computer simulation we engineered a patent-pending design that replicates the human form—the ideal way to protect and preserve fine garments.” the Lou Hansell luxury hangers range in price from $125-$250.

[Available at Lou Hansell via: Forbes]

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