This location-enabled jacket by Wearable Experiments shows you the best of Paris

Whoa! I thought the best first word for this article would be the first word that came to mind when I saw this – Navigate Paris. And no, it’s not an app but (the very aptly named) Wearable Experiments or We:eX’s latest, location-enabled jacket.

navigate-jacket-2Technology can be said to have come really, REALLY far if all one has to do to find their way through one of world’s busiest cities, to all its museums, cafes and charming streets, is slip on a jacket. All Navigate Paris needs is an app to store relevant destinations and upload the directions to the jacket, which then gives turn-by-turn directions. So the wearer can walk unimpeded with instructions being visualized on the sleeves of their jacket. Vibrations alert the user when to turn and in which direction. Think of all the confusion it might save you from, even with the language barrier. And fashion faux pas!

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navigate-jacket-4Attributing its inspiration to the nostalgia and subtle sophistication of Paris, the jacket is not just a functional device but a fashion garment. While the bright red collar and sleeve cuff detail win it top style points, the outer fabric in 100% wool makes it very Europe appropriate and sports a houndstooth pattern. In the very words of We:eX Cofounder and Creative Director Billie Whitehouse, “now you can experience Paris as a traveler rather than a tourist.” And if you don’t plan on visiting the City of Lights any time soon, The Navigate Jacket is also available for two other cities – Sydney and New York. The Navigate line can be pre-ordered from the We:eX website.

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[Via – Wearable-Experiments]

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