The only way you can get your hands on this driving jacket is after buying this $2 million electric hypercar

Lotus has partnered with famous Savile Row bespoke tailor Norton & Sons to create the most exclusive driving jacket on the market. Lotus Design Director Russell Carr and Patrick Grant came together to design a jacket that’s not only lightweight but also features sporting durability and advanced technical materials. The performance-oriented driving jacket is inspired by the core values of both Lotus and Norton & Sons. However, there’s a tiny little caveat. In case, you want the Lotus x Norton & Sons, you’ll have to be willing to pay over $2 million on the Lotus Evija – the British marque’s upcoming limited-production electric hypercar.

The driving jacket will be exclusively available to the customers of Britain’s first-ever electric hypercar. The Evija buyers will be offered a personal appointment at the Norton & Sons shop where they’ll be carefully measured for creating a bespoke, made-to-measure jacket. Each jacket will be individually hand-cut and hand-sewn to match the level of craftsmanship and exclusivity of the British hypercar.

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The Lotus x Norton & Sons jacket will be made from lightweight, water-resistant merino wool/nylon technical textiles manufactured in Italy by Loro Piana, and feature state-of-the-art Cobrax and Riri hardware. According to Lotus, the design of the jacket is inspired by the Team Lotus pit lane jackets of the 1970s. The front pocket shape outlined with twin red stitching is drawn from the Lotus Evija’s ‘ribbon’ tail light design, while the golden 16 motif sewn in on the nape of the neck, inside and outside the jacket corresponds to Norton & Sons’ Savile Row shop address. Additionally, there are three underarm ventilation eyelets that have been inspired by the Lotus Elan 1600 triple tail design. Even you find the exclusive jackets a bit too silly and unnecessary, the Lotus hypercar to go along with it is simply astonishing.

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