Aqua Jewels at Milan

Milan is a place for the extremely rich and famous. They have introduced a new line of aqua jewels to bling your bathroom. The elements lay before you on a stage awaiting your command. The fragmented surfaces are tamed by reflections of light, anticipating your liquid rituals. The water cascades through the “Aqua Jewels” and uses your naked skin as its canvas, dusting you with dazzling droplets of liquid. A magical transformation begins and time stands still.’ Bonomi is an Italian brand uniting solid artisan traditions and the ability to produce top-quality bathroom taps and fittings of essential and refined design. The company’s history covers a century of successive generations leaving in heritage the ambition to constantly improve performance through continuous, patient and transversal research, rigorous quality control to comply with the evolution of technology, and untiring daily efforts fired by sobriety. Starting before the new millennium, Bonomi has been investing in avant-garde design, giving rise to the development project for a special range of taps, which immediately marked an important threshold: in fact, Bonomi was the first company to propose the “flat spout” – an interpretation that is greatly acclaimed now as a paradigm of designer taps.

The project is now consolidated under the brand name of Bonomi Contemporaneo Italiano and their new product is a must to look-out for.

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