Pharo SideWay Showerpanel Is Rejuvenating

Without a doubt a fully drenching shower makes you feel completely reborn! The bothersome shower hose tangle is now a thing of the past. Showering luxury and sophisticated technology galore are ensconced behind the stylish aluminum exterior of the new Pharo SideWay Shower panel. Pharo, the inventor, and pioneer of preassembled shower systems have once again created a flagship product that can be easily installed even in the smallest of shower cubicles. The 1500mm- tall, 160mm-slim SideWay, design by Phoenix Design Stuttgart & Tokyo, includes a Raindance AIR hand shower with three spray modes, five body sprays, and all of its technology in one discreetly designed package. One of its ingenious features is the cleverly concealed and easy-to-clean hose guidance system “SlideGuide”. When the fully height-adjustable hand shower is adjusted, the hose glides through the concealed track without any problems whatsoever.

The sprays and thermostat can be adjusted using the convenient controls integrated in the side. And for a tingly showering experience, the five extremely flat “FlatJet” body sprays can all be turned on at once. With its unpretentious form and flat body sprays built into the surface, the high-quality, solid aluminum panel is easy to clean. And thanks to the asymmetrical arrangement of the handles, there is also more room to maneuver in the shower. The SideWay Showerpanel is suitable for installation on a flat wall and is available in Satin Chrome and White finishes to suit your bathroom decor too!

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