Alluring R2D2 pinball wins design award in Milan

Give the droids their due! For all the courage and bravery displayed by R2-D2, the lovable little droid from the Star Wars franchisee, there ought to be a reward. While the latter was given on a tiny blue planet in a solar system not so far away, it also meant that the droid would have to serve an alternative purpose. Being a pinball game.

There isn’t a better time for you to invest in an exciting coffee table that doesn’t just reminisce all the wonders from Lucas Labs but also one that keeps you and your guests thoroughly occupied. This here is basically the amalgamation of the classic Star Wars pinball game and an outer body themed around the trustworthy R2-D2. It has wheels of its own to move around when commanded (metaphorically) and also packs a fully-functional animated droid on the playfield!

It took a good 321 hours to make this one a reality. The dimensions are 53 cm (h) x 125 cm (l) and it weighs about 100 pounds. It has been developed by ALTAR furniture, a company that builds on decommissioned paintball tables to add new life to them. It would need to be shipped from Hungary, where it’s made, and will set you back $13,000.

[ Via : Uproxx ]

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