Batcave Home Theatre

Watching your favourite movie in a multiplex with hi-tech sound system is quite a cool idea. But watching a movie in a Batcave home theatre is even cooler. The bats have been buzzing with the news of the super-chic and wanted home theatre which really personifies the batman experience. Don’t get jittery at that thought there won’t be any real bats hanging above your head but the experience will be as good as real. This cave of sorts with the theatre has been specially designed by DC Audio Video Systems. It comprises of cave features 8 motorized black leather recliners, surrounds sound, and large screen projector.

So if you are man enough (or woman enough) to face your fears and watch the movie of a lifetime with lifeless bats then you gotta own this one. I wonder if the idea of lifeless bats will appeal to the ladies in the house but as long as its batman… who cares?

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