Celsius X-VI-II: A $300,000 mechanical cell phone to debut at Baselworld

News and rumors about the Celsius X-VI-II, a unique mechanical cell phone from a French company, has created a lot of excitement among tech freaks and gadget junkies. Although not much information on this $300,000 mechanical phone is revealed, the first pictures of this cell phone have finally surfaced. Sadly, the pictures don’t reveal much, and we will have to wait till Baselworld when the phone is officially launched. From the few details that have surfaced, it is said that the unique clamshell phone features 540 mechanical parts, and the transparent body of the phone will allow its users to gaze at the mechanics of this phone.

A limited-edition creation, this mechanical cell phone promises to be one of the most anticipated gizmos to be launched at this year’s Baselworld.
[Techeblog And Gizmodo]