Conair Heated Lotion Dispenser Renders Warmth

Its winter time! Our skin becomes arider then usual and we need to rub on some lotion time and again. How about some soothing warm lotion on your cold, desiccated skin? You don’t need to rush to a spa for this exclusive pampering. Bring the spa home and pamper yourself every day with the heated body and hand lotion with Conair Heated Lotion Dispenser. Offering soothing comfort to dry cracked skin this countertop dispenser is portable, compact, and complements any bath, kitchen, or office decor. It heats your favorite hand or body lotion to varying degrees of comfortable warmth. The heated lotion gives your skin a softer, silkier feel and it also makes a great treat for home massages.

Once you get used to it, you’ won’t do without it! With a quick warm-up time, we’re sure you’ll never use the cool lotion ever again. It’s ideal for small babies too as you need not worry about warming up the lotion in your hands! Simple to use and easy to clean, this dispenser will top your shopping list this winter as it retails for only $35.

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