Customize your keyboard with the official Star Wars keycap set for $250

Have you been planning to give your favorite mechanical keyboard the ultimate makeover? Well, if you happen to be a massive Star Wars fan, you’re in luck! For the very first time, an officially-licensed Star Wars keycap set is going up for sale. The Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA keycap set is the work of NovelKeys, the makers of the giant mechanical keyboard switch, which teamed up with Disney and Signature Plastics for the project. The keycaps fit over the individual keys of any mechanical keyboard and come with a script for the official Aurebesh language, one of the most used languages in the galaxy. The 157-key set includes 8 unique novelty keycaps to “show your loyalty to the Empire” and are available in two versions: pure Aurebesh, or Aurebesh with small English letters on top right corner of each key.

Since they are officially licensed products, they aren’t going to come cheap. They’re priced at $250 for the keycaps, which doesn’t include the keyboard. The price might be steep but the quality of the plastic also justifies the price tag. The keycaps feature dye-sublimated lettering, which means that it won’t fade out anytime soon. It’s also made out of PBT plastic, which is harder wearing of the two plastics used for keycap construction. The Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA keycap set can be pre-ordered now, but the company would be able to deliver it until late April 2019 at the earliest.


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