i.Master Waste Bin is a Waste

You remember the scene in ‘Pretty Woman’, where Richard Gere goes to this boutique to tell them that he was about to spend an obscene amount on shopping? Well, that was for clothes, and for Julia Roberts, but this is ‘Pretty Ridiculous’. For the obscene amount you are ready to spend on the I. Master, you could get yourself some pretty fancy gizmos! What seems to be the highlight of the waste bin is that it has an infrared sensor near the lid that senses the user’s hand and opens up, to let them dispose off the waste. Efficiently keeping the surroundings odorless as it seals the lid when not in use, But this ‘intelligence’ costs $332 a piece, I don’t see people splurging their hard-earned money on such an expensive dustbin. I see them heading for the Wii and other gadgets.

The i.Master is available in many colors to go with your kitchen, that is if you buy it!

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