Klaudio unveils an ultrasonic LP record-cleaning machine for $4000

No matter how hard we try, LPs, or “Long Play” records, will never go obsolete. This is particularly because of the fact that these oversized disks that contain music, carry with them memories of a glorious age when music first became a “shareable” affair. To help keep all your LPs in good shape and away from the trials and tests of time, Klaudio has unleashed an automatic LP cleaner called the CLN-LP200. This 200 watt ultrasonic cleaning device uses patent-pending technology that promises to remove the toughest and most difficult grime and dust from your LPs. Besides cleaning, the CLN-LP200 also dries LPs with internal blow dryers!

lp-vinyl-record-ultrasonic-cleaner-dryer-2To work this one, all a user needs to do is fill it with distilled water and a phonograph record or an LP in it. The machine does the rest, automatically, giving you a shiny and clean LP when done! The entire process of washing and cleaning an LP is done in just 3 to 9 minutes and the cleaning status is displayed on the device’s LED screen. The ultrasonic machine makes sure your disks remain clean and does not damage LPs to any extent during and after cleaning. Measuring in at 180 × 435 × 300mm, this one’s priced at approximately $3999.99 a pop.

[Available at KL-Audio]