Marantz ES7001 system for music

The Marantz ES7001 is suave ‘all-in-one’ system that will please all audiophiles. Besides it sleek looks, the system delivers surround sound from the one box. Hook it to your Blu-Ray, DVD or CD player and enjoy the movie or songs. It’s taken three years of painstaking research to come out with this perfect audio solution. Also called the Cinemarium, the design includes six speaker drivers arranged in special tweeter, midrange and woofer configuration; and each individually powered by a hi-fi quality digital class D amplifier, housed in an incredibly solid extruded aluminum monocoque enclosure. This amazing ‘soundbar’ also features three powerful 32-bit digital processors on board. One is used to for Dolby/DTS decoding, while the other two implement the complex algorithms that produce surround sound from a single box with ultimate accuracy and speed.

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Marantz ES7001 ‘all-in-one’ system also features one cable HDMI connection to the display. Marantz has developed a proprietary technology called OPSODIS (OPtimal SOurce DIStribution) in conjunction with the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) in Japan. Together they have realized a superior surround image, which offers a clearly focused soundstage and improved effect area. Marantz ES7001 system costs £899.90 or $1,787.

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