Marantz SA-7S1 CD player made of pure gold

Clad in a gold finish that fronts the tank-like metal chassis, implementing state-of-the-art engineering, and using the very finest materials to an unprecedented level of craftsmanship, one can easily say the SA-7S1 is worth its colossal 22kg weight in gold. The full-metal chassis employs a double-layer bottom plate and substantial shock-absorbing feet to virtually eliminate sound-degrading vibration. The case is even completely copper-plated to guard against electrical interference, and thanks to unique engineering no screws are visible. The result is a model delivering clean, minimalist lines to match its pure sound. Even the disc drawer on the SA-7S1 is special: the mechanism sits in a 10mm case of extruded aluminum while the die-cast metal tray uses micro precision metals to guarantee the best ever and cleanest data read-out. The D/A converters take in a pair of mono DACs – each comprising four separate processors – for both DSD and 24-bit PCM audio playback. The DACs work in tandem with Marantz’s latest HDAMs – High Definition Amplifier Modules.

To achieve the best possible sonic performance circuit topology is short, direct, and fully balanced dual-differential, to provide a superb stereo image by ensuring symmetry between the right and left channels. The Marantz SA-7S1 will be available from June 2007 to £5,000 ($ 10,000).

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