Now spot fake Louis Vuittons and Chanels of the world with your camera phone

With the number of fake goods flooding the market it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between the real and fake items. The Japanese firm NEC has come up with an “object fingerprint” technology that compares the tiniest details of the object with images in its cloud database. For this the images of the original item have to be registered in the database for comparison. Your phone will immediately alert you if the item is a counterfeit. This technology also gives you information about the origin of the items and whether the repair crews are using the right parts. This know how makes use of the fine patterns in the metal or plastic that are invisible to the human eye and determines whether the article is fake or original.

At a demonstration in Tokyo, the NEC staff tried the technology on a zipper of a luxury handbag and on a screw taken in a close up. The system ran a check with the cloud database and confirmed the authenticity of the articles.
Smarten up with your phones and don’t get misled any more regarding the authenticity of your purchase.


[Via – Channel-News-Asia]