Star Wars Cockpit Original Arcade Machine in your house

Combine a serious gamer with a Star Wars freak and the Atari Star Wars Cockpit Original Arcade Machine is what’s gonna be on their wishlist. Tempting you to get the original game into the comforts of your home, and become the envy of your pals; it features multi-levels and three chapters to the story. “In the first, your X-Wing Fighter dogfights with Imperial TIE Fighters and Darth Vader’s ship. In the second, you maneuver past bunkers and deflector towers on the face of the Death Star, blasting them along the way. In the final scenario, you find yourself speeding through the trench of the Death Star, avoiding obstacles and blasting gun turrets then, finally, hopefully, time a proton torpedo for a direct hit on the exhaust port target.” A victorious gamer gets to see the Death Star exploding into a kaleidoscope of colors.

The Star Wars Cockpit Original Arcade Machine costs £3,995, or $7,900. Check out the site for full details.

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