Strange, stranger, strangest…..Top 10 Strangest Luxury Gadgets

Gadgets are becoming more compatible, more mobile, easier to use and more aesthetic and every year technology becomes luxuriously affordable. But sometimes in the pursuit, we end up possessing much stranger stuff. If you have surplus money to splurge on and also want to make heads turn, then this list of top 10 strangest luxury gadgets is just for you. Topping the list is this $1,000,000 Gold Vish Cell Phone. Looks like all you need to make a luxury device is to stuff it with diamonds! The Swiss exclusive cell phone company GoldVish has created a one of a kind phone which is completely encrusted in diamonds for people who have achieved success in life and now want to have the best that money can buy. Second on the list is Tulip E-Go Laptop costing $336,557. For a mere $355,000 you can make the casual cafe surfers blind with envy. The Tulip E-Go Diamond notebook is inlaid with solid palladium white gold plates in which thousands (80 carats) of top-quality, brilliant-cut diamonds have been set with accuracy. Third rank goes to the very special LG’s $132,000 71-inch Plasma. LG Electronics celebrated the arrival of the world’s largest 71 inches Plasma Display Panel – 71PY10 TV by unveiling a limited edition, gold-plated or sleek black version of this unique product. Carrying the price tag of $132,000 this is obviously not targeted at the masses but more as an extravagant luxury or showpiece for display. The rest of the list is after the jump.

4) $75,000 Motorola SLVR
5) $50,000 MP3 Player
6) $25,000 Gold Gameboy
7) $24,000 Gaming PC
8) $20,000 Kodak V570 Camera
9) $15,000 ELP Laser Turntable
10) $13,995.95 Velocipede.

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