TAG Heuer’s Full Diamonds White Lizard luxury smartphone is available

When we think of TAG Heuer, we think of luxury watches. That is about to change. With their announcement a couple of months back, the Swiss manufacturer leaped into the wireless world. They recently unveiled their TAG Heuer Link Smartphone named Full Diamonds & White Lizard. This Smartphone is bejeweled with 1007 diamonds of 2.53 carats and offers a very sleek appearance. The back is stainless steel with a white lizard texture. All of 3.5” with 800 x 480 display, the phone is equipped with a 5.0-megapixel camera. In addition to that, it also is Bluetooth operational and offers services by Android OS. The price, for now, is available only by request, but if you absolutely must have it, then the Smartphone can be reserved through pre-order.

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