The 1940’s Compass Camera By Jaeger LeCoultre available today for $2200

Interested in amazing products made in the bygone era that was way ahead of its time? Then this product is definitely for you. Known as the Compass it was announced in 1938 and manufactured by Jaeger Le Coultre for a Swiss production house, Swiss Watch. It was thought to be an incarnation of the science system in miniature. Built as a clock with a fine-machined aluminum body, camera, and an incorporation of a number of features in a small volume, this was a gizmo way ahead of its time. The genius behind this design was Noel Pemberton who created this exceptional piece and who is now more famously known as the founder of the company ‘Supermarine’. Noel started working on this design in 1930 but it was out in the market by 1937. When launched in March 1937 it sold for a price of 30 pounds sterling and rose to 39 pounds sterling by the year 1944. The total units produced numbered to not more than 4000.

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This amazing device is available today for the price of $1800/$2200. So if you are impressed with this genius design, it truly is worth an investment.

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