There is a Porsche washing machine and it’s a rage in China

A new kind of Porsche is quickly gaining popularity in China. But before you jump the gun to suggest the next generation Porsche 911 is yet to be officially unveiled, let me tell you that the Porsche I’m talking about here is a high-end washing machine. Panasonic wanted to create a special washing machine exclusively for the Chinese market that not only features an ultra-premium design but also comes with considerably improved functionality. The Japanese electronics giant collaborated with long-time-partner Studio F.A. Porsche for the project which birthed the extremely stylish $2900 washing machine named Alpha.

The top-of-the-range Panasonic Alpha features a European design, with the aesthetics being kept as clean and simple as possible without compromising on functionality. The numbers of switches, buttons, and gaps have been kept to a minimum to ensure simple maintenance and cleaning of the machine, while the machine gets an appealing brushed stainless steel housing. The washing machine also a TFT display that looks like a car’s instrument cluster. Alpha is equipped with Wi-Fi capability to help owners operate it remotely via smartphone and receive a text message when the wash is done.


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