Panasonic brings out a $223,000 Power Loader Light exoskeleton

I love the Dr. Octopus character from the Spiderman movie. Imagine having all those extra arms for multitasking! And now that Panasonic is out with the Power Loader Light, this can be your reality check too! Doing away with the robotic arms, this Light version comes with a force feedback system that can calculate your leg movements and help you increase your leg strength by as much as 40 kilograms. The Power Loader Light exoskeleton system would cost you around $223,000. And if you want to use it as a research platform in robotics, man-machine interfacing, brain-machine interfacing, or future development of any kind, Panasonic would cut the price in half. Now that’s what I call a mighty heart! If not, you will surely earn some brownie points if you make it the world’s most expensive Halloween costume

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