After matchless couture Chanel tantalizes with its latest offering of rosé wines

For years Chanel has ruled your hearts, for years it has occupied the most space in your closet and handbag sections. But Chanel isn’t content and wants to expand its dominance over other areas of our lives. The French Luxury brand will continue to keep us happy with its offerings the latest one being a white wine and a rosé wine. Not too long ago Chanel purchased a winery in France’s most famed rosé region, Provence, from Sébastien Le Ber and his family. The estate includes 75 acres of organically farmed vines producing red, white, and rosé wine using traditional Provence grapes. The luxury brand famed for one of the best haute couture pieces of all times is all set to enthrall customers with unmatched and irresistible flavors that accompany the wines. A sip of Chanel rosé and you first encounter a burst of seductive barley sugar followed by a hint of juicy and refreshing melon. Enchanting notes of white flowers enrich and enhance the aroma of the wine. The salinity of this variety is reminiscent of the gorgeous, airy, and tranquil island. Chanel white wine, on the other hand, confers a lasting, juicy, white fruit flavor first, then a floral shade overtakes with a variety of nuts. The wine is rich, with a full, almost creamy texture that oscillates between the freshness presented by mint and eucalyptus.

The maritime landscape influences are seen in both the white wine and rosé wine varieties. The wines were produced under the direction of Nicolas Audebert, head of Chanel’s wine departments at Château Rauzan-Ségla in Margaux and at Châteaux Canon and Berliquet in Saint-Emilion. He is of the opinion that the environment at the Domaine de l’Ile is unique and its history is extraordinary. We expect nothing less from wines coming from Chanel, something truly extraordinary!

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[Via: L’Officiel]

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