Ritz-Carlton Berlin’s soon-to-be-open Fragrance bar will serve drinks designed around your favorite scents

If SubliMotion promised a real gastrosensory dining experience, then we’re thinking to make a pre-drink pit stop at Ritz-Carlton Berlin. Because its upcoming bar, Fragrances is about just that, with drinks concocted such that they smell like certain perfumes. Designed and implemented by mixologist slash perfume expert Henning Heissen, the menu has drinks such as Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo with Jasmine and Rose infused Tanqueray 10 or Zacapa spiked Oud Royal by Armani! Teetotalers fret not, there’re also Messe de Minuit (Etro?), Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom, et al, prepared sans spirit. So how to know which to pick?

Besides picking a drink on their favorite perfume, patrons will be encouraged to experience a visual menu, which is set up right inside the bar’s entrance. Now when I say “visual menu”, I mean a lineup of perfume bottles displayed alongside the ingredients used to make the drink. So one can simply smell the various fragrances before picking their drink because, and this is the coolest part, the drink will smell exactly like the corresponding scent. To stay truer to the concoctions, each is served in a unique way, from glasses in buckets and birdhouses to bottles. And just to tell you what to expect when Fragrance bar officially opens June 12, Angelique Noire by Guerlain created with Jasmine, Angelica Root, Bergamot, Vanilla, Zacapa XO and Champagne is priced at $27 (approx.)

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