Trussardi and Coca Cola team up for chic limited edition bottles and cans

Coca Cola and Trussardi are the latest to join hands in a quirky collaboration. The Italian luxury apparel and accessories company will add some pizzazz to Coke bottles and cans with their stylish aesthetic. The bottles are clad in rich red and brown (the colors associated with the brand and the cola itself) accented with celebratory gold as the Trussardi logo shares space with the iconic Coca Cola logo.

Meanwhile the cans take on a life of their own. Coca Cola Light is presented in 2 tins artistically splashed with acidic green, purple, blue and pink colors and bold patterns. A third design features a gold backdrop printed to resemble lizard leather.
The limited edition products will be available in volumes ranging from 250ml to 1.5l. And in case you were wondering, this collaboration hasn’t come out of nowhere, your favorite cola company is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its bottle design. A major milestone for the brand.
While some of these products will hit shelves in Italy and also become part of the Expo Milan 2015 very soon we’re not sure if Americans will have a chance to snag a piece of this stylish project. In the past Roberto Cavalli, Moschino and Marc Jacobs too have created signature designs for Coke.

[Via – Coca Cola Italia]

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