Stuff of Awesome: An Actual, Monstrous Godzilla Electric Guitar that costs $52k

Okay, so I am a big Godzilla fan. Seen all the movies, even while eating my ramen and can’t begin to express how much I love them. So when I saw this limited-edition Godzilla electric guitar I completely freaked out! Imagine playing the great Godzilla to the tunes of your fingers. Now if that’s not a high in its own right I don’t know what is? It is a thing of enormous beauty, manufactured by ESP and designed by Takamizawa Toshihiko, who plays with the thriving Japanese rock band the Alfee. Godzilla guitar comes with fancy features like an alder body, a three-piece hard maple neck and an ebony fingerboard. There’s also a Floyd Rose bridge, Gotoh tuners and a single EMG-85 pickup. Upping the coolness quotient is presence of purple LED lights on the body and fingerboard that can be switched on when Godzilla’s left foot is activated. It’s one hell of an intimidating musical instrument, with Godzilla in roaring action.

The uniqueness results in an extremely limited run of five examples, with a price tag of 5.55 million yen which is approximately $51,600. That may seem very pricey to some but hey you get to tickle the belly of Godzilla while looking like the most badass guitar player ever born. Doesn’t seem all that pricey after all right?


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