Crashed Ferrari gets packed inside a table to race up the conversations

When a zooming Ferrari crashes, you cannot do anything to revive it to be driven again, right? Well, yes it can be revived for all we know. When designers apply their creative sense to things, even a crashed Ferrari can become a work of art. If you love Ferrari cars so much that you want it to be “preserved beyond its grave”, then designer Charly Molinelli has just the thing you need. He has designed a center table that packs in a fully crashed Ferrari in style. The make and model can be anybody’s guess, but for now, enjoy the pictures! Recycling a mangled supercar cannot get more superior!
Update – Charly Molinelli says that his client was very sensitive to everything related to the world of motor and and luxury. However it was difficult to find a crashed Ferrari. The final cost of upcycling this bespoke auto-themed table 10,000 Euros ($13,500).

[MolinelliDesign] And [Notcot]

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