Douglas DC-8 Cowling Reception Desk shaped out of a supersonic jet

I received a mail from MotoArt and couldn’t resist sharing it with all my loyal readers. If the Mile High bed made it to your bedroom, then you’ll be more than glad to house the Douglas DC-8 Cowling Reception Desk in your office too. Though the word recycles is an understated way to describe this desk, it is actually crafted out of a part of an aircraft. This sleek and glossy piece of furniture sports a raised front for more privacy on the desktop. It also integrates engine inlets from a CFM56 engine, which adds to the authenticity. At the same time, the stylish interior of the desk is shaped out of maple ply. The black Plexiglass top boots the sturdy quotient of the desk. Priced at $11,500, it stands out for the mirror-polished finish. The painted or the satin finish will come for a lesser price tag. Rollover to know the history of the DC-8…..

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On August 21st, 1961, in a controlled dive through 41,000 feet, the DC-8 became the first civilian jet to break the sound barrier, at Mach 1.012 or 660 mph. The purpose of the flight was to collect data on a new leading-edge design for the wing.
Allow a part of this record-sound-breaking jet to play the role of an information/reception desk in your office!
Thanks Dave

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