Kaldewei’s Cleopatra Bathtub makes bathing a royal indulgence

Famed for her exotic appearance and elaborate beauty rituals, the Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra remains one of History’s most interesting and enigmatic women. Gifted with captivatingly good looks and wielding unimaginable power, she lived a life of extravagant and limitless luxury. Inspired by the tales of Cleopatra’s famed baths in asses’ milk the Ippolito Fleitz Group crafted a sinfully decadent bathtub that is perfectly suited to the modern Cleopatras of today.

Keeping in mind the Egyptian Queen’s persona, her lifestyle, her need for privacy and her belief that she was the reincarnation of the Goddess Isis, the design team consisting of Peter Ippolito, Tilla Goldberg and Tim Lessmann, imagined the bathtub that Cleopatra herself would have demanded. The seashell design of the tub, promises to secure her from prying eyes, while also serving to make it resemble a throne, a fitting seat of power for the last active pharaoh of Egypt.

Its large, domed canopy ensures that the tub is spacious and suitable not only for our capricious Cleos but also for any suitor whom she deigns to have in her presence. The opulent tub creates a beautiful setting for romance. The stunning light fixture on the inside of the dome only adds to the luxe mood.

Kaldewei’s Cleopatra Bathtub provides an indulgent bathing experience for anyone who would like to live like modern Royalty!


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