Caldera Spas’ Cantabria Hot Tub offers an organic and healthy spa experience

If you like hot tubs (who doesn’t?), then you have to check out the new Cantabria Hot Tub from Caldera Spas. I’ll brief you about the looks first. It has a contemporary look with soft and graceful curves bound to appeal to the modern-day customer. It also looks quite organic with the hot stone massage rock. One nice touch to the tub’s overall feel is the river rock pattern designed into the bottom of the spa. This baby has ample room and can comfortably seat 8 adults. The Hot Tub Circuit Therapy is new and improved with powerful hydro-massage therapy jets. So in the privacy of your home, you can have the amazing benefits of 88 jets fixed in specific anatomical configurations. Another great feature is the UltraMasseuse with six different massage sequences adjusted to three speeds for a custom hot tub massage from head to toe. All your muscle groups will be pampered and worked on. The new SpaGlo multi-zone lighting system brings us a whole new world of lighting.

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It’s easy to customize and select the lighting effects with the main control panel or the optional, sophisticated Advent® remote control. You can choose between a range of settings like lighting, jets, two gentle Acquarella waterfalls, optional music, water temperature, cleaning cycles, and more with the remote control. In case you are into sound effects, you can go for the optional Aquatic Melodies® wireless, multi-source sound system. This is a great spa designed for your overall well being. You can relax and reap the benefits of hydrotherapy with your friends and family. The gorgeous three colors available are Champagne Opal, White Pearl, and Sterling Marble, with Merlot, Redwood, or Coastal Gray EcoTech cabinets.

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