Kinesis Personal Leather is the most luxurious exercise equipment

If you are one of those well-heeled folks, you probably have your own personal gym with equipment that could rival any of the best gyms today. But if you wish to give your gym that ultimate touch of luxury, we suggest you buy the Kinesis Personal Leather. This high-end home fitness exercise machine is sure to be the centerpiece of your gym, courtesy of its leather trimmed body. The panel of this sleek looking machine is covered with ‘primo Fiore’ leather by expert craftsmen. The seams have been hand-stitched, ensuring the machine claims the title for the most luxurious exercise equipment. The luxury machine ranks high not just on looks but ergonomics as well.

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The multi-purpose machine has been designed to allow the user to benefit from 200 different exercises using the three handgrips and without making any adjustments. Just set the workload and resistance level on the machine’s Soft Touch Digital Display, and you are ready to burn those calories.
Offering various benefits like strengthening, toning, and an overall improvement in your health, the Kinesis Personal Leather takes pride in being the first-ever piece of designer furnishing, providing more than 200 exercises in only one square meter. A real looker, you will never get tired of admiring the fine leather body Kinesis Personal Leather.
A must-have piece of high-end home exercise equipment, it is definitely a class apart. It comes from the house of Technogym, the official supplier of the sporting equipment for Olympics for the past five years.
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