Luxema 8000 a two tiered Jacuzzi comes with a TV, bar and sound system

Out with the old in-ground swimming pool and get in trend with the newest attraction for your backyard. The Luxema 8000 jacuzzi is so over-sized that describing it as huge will simply be an understatement. Manufactured by Slovenian firm SPAmbient, this spectacular jacuzzi is big enough and can easily be converted to a nice size swimming pool as and when the need arise. The tub weighs 1500 kg and needs around 10,000 liters of water to fill it completely. Separated into two sections (jacuzzi and pool), this tub is fitted with 130 jets and nine water pumps. The top part of the tub can be used as a swimming pool as it is equipped with jets capable of creating strong current like conditions to swim against. The lower spa can seats up to six people and is also extended with a bar. As a bonus, it is furnished with a flat-screen TV with in built sound system for the entertainment of the guests.

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The price for Luxema 8000 is not specified but other smaller models from SPAmbient will set you back by at least $26,000.
[Available at Spambient]