Majesty bed by Vi-Spring is luxury in the softest form

I personally believe that true luxury lies in a comfortable and fulfilling sleep in the night. Nothing can deliver that better than a spongy mattress and a sturdy bed. ‘The Majesty’ mattress and divan set that stretches up to 7ft is every man’s ultimate comfort nucleus. The set comprises of a mattress, divan, headboard, and scatter cushions. Its specialty is that of 6240 hand-nested springs (most springs and natural fillings than any other Vi-Spring.) The mattress is made entirely by hand and the springs are sewn into individual calico pockets and topped with layers of silk, cashmere, blended lambswool and cotton.

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Crafted from sustainably-sourced beech, and upholstered in fabric from the JAB ANSTOES elegant Grandezza Collection, which combines high-class Jacquard fabric with lavish gold and silver prints, the mattress has a wide range of dramatic colourways. The exuberant range of colors that one could choose from are Black, Amethyst, Jade, Crimson, Midnight, Cobalt and Conker. The Majesty bed is exclusive to Harrods and retails for $84,500.

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