A suspended orb tub – Would you bathe in a sphere?

Something as simple as taking a shower these days has turned into a luxury for many as the bathtub and bathing experience sphere keeps innovating itself with products like the Dornbracht Sensory Sky or the Digital Showering Experience by Kolher. This time ‘round, designer Alexander Zhukovsky takes the stage for his crazy, yet impressive, exhibitionist suspended glass-sphere bathtub. The bathtub concept that also comes with a shower, gives a bubble-like illusion especially when suspended and is supposed to give the bather a weightless feel. The glass orbit makes obsolete the conventional metal bathtubs; and changes the rules of bathtubs only being confined to bathrooms, as the orb calls to be hung in rooms with high ceilings and taller windows, minimalizing the distance between the bed and the tub.

Suspended bathing experience 2
Definitely not designed for the shy, this glass bathtub is ideal for penthouses or luxury apartments high up in the sky. Inside the orb, a personalized experience and mood can be set with the regulation of the temperature, humidity, light, sound and even smell. And if you’re worried about the practicalities of it, don’t! The design of the tub also includes a draining and filling system to make it a hassle-free experience. Modern and futuristic, this bathtub will take an 8-minute shower to a whole excitingly new level.

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[Via – Yankodesign]

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