The most advanced aroma diffuser in the world

Now here’s a simple product whose premise is simply to make the air around you smell great; but when you throw in a little bit of tech, a dash of physics and have the guys from Design YxR put it together, you get the Diffuser with a difference.

At its core it’s still one of those ancient tools that one uses to spread sweet smelling scents throughout your abode to instill a sense of tranquility and peace. Just a couple of drops of the aromatic oils (in whatever fragrance you desired) would be placed on the open pan and then, with the aid of the flame of a small candle, the aromas would be dispersed through heat and evaporation. But the one created by Japanese designer iAN Yen has “infused” a little bit of technology into it to give the standard perfume diffuser a little pizzazz. His design employs the use of maglev (magnetic levitation) technology (naturally in a much smaller proportion than some of China’s high-speed trains) and centrifugal force to help disperse aromas more effectively throughout a room.
Just add a couple of drops to the rotating plate sitting at the top of the base and let it start spinning. Without any friction, the plate spins smoothly and swiftly helping to diffuse the fragrance very effectively throughout the area at a slow by steady pace. It just goes to show, a little science can make almost anything simple and essentially rudimentary or old-school very modern, very quickly.

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