This $13,000 wash basin by Tonino Lamborghini is as unconventional as beautiful

Design and history go hand in hand. Excellence joins the mix when Italy enters the room. Speaking of hands, Glass Design unveiled an incredible, eye-catching collection of washbasins and bathroom accessories branded Tonino Lamborghini. A standout product of this timeless collection is the one-of-a-kind Iconico. Aptly named, Iconico is a freestanding washbasin with an impressive and robust character. Usually, such descriptions are reserved for humans, not the washbasins they use, which is precisely why this accessory merits such accolades.

Iconico derives inspiration from the heritage of Tonino Lamborghini, and the result is unconventional and impactful. With its soft edges, a bicolor structure that boasts an inner black core, and vibrant external details, the Iconico embodies design quality and aesthetics, infusing a touch of luxury lifestyle into your en suites. Iconico looks futuristic not only because of its avant-garde appearance but also due to its advanced lighting system and technological design.

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Iconico comes in an array of colored outer shells such as Orange Mat, Acid Green Mat, Light Blue Mat, White Mat, and Black Mat, entitling diverse customization possibilities. Priced at nearly $13,000, Iconico brings cutting-edge design originality and superlative materials to the table.

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