18 most luxurious and unique spa treatments from around the world

6. Lime Spa at Huvafen Fushi, Maldives
Luxe treatment – Fluidity: $330, 90 minutes
The Lime Spa invites you to “come out of your shell” with a wide range of spa rituals and aquatic treatments. The spa features underwater treatment rooms for an authentic experience. The treatments are designed to do everything that a good vacation retreat should from calming and relaxing your mind and body to indulging and inspiring your senses. They also offer several bespoke treatments like massages, facials, anti-aging and detoxifying cocoons etc.
Their Fluidity treatment caught our eye thanks to its interesting description: Experience massage on a whole new level lying face up “on the water, under the water”. The treatment involves positioning your body on heated Hydrotherm water cushions. The heat soothes painful areas while gentle massage movements dispel muscle tension leaving only blissful relaxation in its wake. The unique treatment is priced at $330 for 90 minutes. How often can you say you visited a spa with underwater treatment rooms? We ranked the Lime spa number 6 for a unique, aquarium like experience.

5. Kinan Spa at the Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya
Luxe treatment – Kinan Ritual: $472, 2 hours
Located in tropical Mexico, this beachside retreat has made it to some noteworthy Best Spa lists. Set amidst lush tropical jungles and white sand beaches, this resort is paradise to those seeking to leave big city life far behind. The Kinan spa offers a range of luxurious treatments that utilize ancient Mayan healing techniques and natural products. The spa has been meticulously designed with every part of it aligned with the stars to create positive energy flow. The treatment rooms point east to west, representing day and night while the massage beds face east, to symbolize new beginnings.
One of the signature treatments here is the Kinan ritual in which heated cotton sheets infused with herbs are wrapped around the body to draw toxins to the surface. The skin is then thoroughly cleansed with a luscious scrub made of local honey and salt. The revitalizing experience comes to a close with a vigorous four hand massage that is sure to improve blood circulation. The heavenly 2 hour treatment is priced at about $472. The Kinan Spa’s hot wrap treatment is just intriguing enough to catch our eye and round out the top five.

4. The Oberoi Spa at the Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur
Luxe treatment – Romance of Rajputana: $200, 3 hours
The next stop on our epic spa journey is the Oberoi spa which is housed in a Rajasthani mansion that’s 280 years old! Block printed linens, polished wood floor and beautiful hand-painted frescoes create an inviting atmosphere while incense sticks and aromatic oils permeate the air with a gentle fragrance adding to the mystic aura of the exotic hideaway. The spa combines Ayurvedic principles, Aromatherapy and Western techniques to create a range of treatments that have just one objective- to leave you feeling utterly pampered.
Romance of Rajputana is a decadent 3 hour spa experience consisting of a steam, an exfoliation, an envelopment, a massage and a bathing ritual. The treatment aims to cleanse, nourish, detoxify and pamper your body. The steam opens your pores to release toxins while the pomegranate exfoliation prepares your skin to soak up the goodness of the envelopment that uses pomegranate and orange to moisturize your skin. A massage does away with knots and tension while a bath is final step that leaves you feeling renewed. This lavish experience is well worth the cost which is around $200. The Oberoi spa offers you a once in a lifetime chance to experience life in a historic Indian mansion and tops it up with a three hour spa treatment for just $200 (that’s some pretty great value for money), it ranks holds a rank among the elite top 5 on this list.

3. One&Only Spa at One&Only Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef
Luxe treatment – Ocean Dreaming: $315, 90 minutes
Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef among pristine waters, the One&Only Spa is a respite from the world, offering an opportunity to rest and renew yourself. The spa provides a number of exotic treatments including wraps and massages while also featuring specialty treatments for couples, children and teens. The spa uses a product range known as Amala which is exclusive to One&Only spas in Australia.
Listed among the Spa’s signature journeys is the Ocean Dreaming treatment, that takes place in the brilliant blue waters of the sea. You float in the sea, surrounded by tropical fish as the therapist indulges you in a 90 minute soothing massage that’s tailored to your body’s needs. Warm botanical oils soothe your body while ocean waves and endless skies relax your mind. At $315, this aquatic sojourn is worth every penny. The One&Only Spa lets you combine a deep soak in the ocean with a stress busting massage, inviting enough to rank 3rd.

2. Spa Botánico at Dorado Beach- a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Puerto Rico
Luxe treatment – The Hammock Massage: $225, 60 minutes
Set amidst a pineapple garden the Spa Botánico is truly the tropical paradise of your dreams. Here, indigenous soothing traditions and local ingredients combine to provide a lush sensory experience that leaves you in a blissful state of mind. Treehouse treatment rooms, outdoor showers and plunge pools all serve to heighten the all-natural feel of this spa.
The best part of a summer holiday is lazing in a hammock in the cool shade of tropical trees. The Spa Botánico has flipped this easy vacation tradition into a unique and satisfying spa treatment. Their treehouse Hammock Massage lets you sway in a hammock as you receive a rhythmic massage focusing on pressure points on the back, hands and feet. With the sounds of the wind in the trees and the ocean waves as a soundtrack, what more could you possibly need? The 60 minute massage is priced at $225. Treehouses? Tropical gardens? Hammocks? We’re there! Spa Botánico scores the second best position on our list because it totally lives up to our expectations of a tropical getaway.

1. Shantigiri Spa at the Schloss Elmau Retreat, Bavarian Alps
Luxe treatment – Physio Floating Massage: $100, 45 minutes
Tucked away on a sunny hill with spectacular views of the Wetterstein Mountain and Ferchenbach Creek, the Schloss Elmau Retreat – Luxury Suites & Spa is a true haven for spa enthusiasts. The Shantigiri Spa is exclusively reserved for guests staying at the Retreat and offers guests a wellness experience complete with relaxation rooms, saunas, tea lounges and cold pools as well as a gym. There are treatments of every kind on offer from Ayurveda and Thai services to beauty treatments and specialty treatments for teens.
The standout is the 45 minute Physio Floating Massage which is performed in a pool with water warmed to 35° C. You float in the pool with an inflatable pillow under the head and a floating pole under your knees while the massage therapist stands in the water next to you. After inspecting your back for tensions and blockages the therapist kicks things off with a foot massage that phases into an arm and shoulder massage. The treatment culminates in a neck and back massage. The specialty of this treatment is weightless suspension which makes it possible for the therapist to perform three dimensional spiral-dynamic work on the spine and the major joints. The treatment comes with a $100 price tag. A distant location, dedication to luxury and a unique floating massage treatment earned the Shantigiri Spa the number one spot on our list.

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