18 most luxurious and unique spa treatments from around the world

14. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York
Luxe treatment – Jade Stone Facial: $365, 80 minutes
Another relaxing urban retreat, the Spa offers a tranquil and meditative setting for guests on the path to relaxation and offers both ancient and modern treatments aimed at promoting not just temporary wellness but a lifestyle change. Located on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental, the Spa creates an environment that calms the mind and delights the senses.
The non-invasive, anti-aging Jade Stone Facial uses a patented jade beauty stone that helps to detoxify, firm and lift facial tissue for a healthy and youthful appearance. The facial utilizes products from Dr. Zhang’s range and begins with an exfoliation with powdered freshwater pearls. Then a series of massage like “manipulations” are performed with the jade beauty stone. These are designed to exercise the facial muscles and promote healthy lymphatic drainage. Lastly a Nefeli® face mask that nourishes and moisturizes the skin while the guests enjoy a hand and foot massage. This 80 minute treatment costs $365. We’ve used gemstones plenty of times before, but never for a facial! You won’t be stone-faced after this treatment which ranks in at number 14.

13. The Spa at the Trump Soho, New York
Luxe treatment – Diamond Dust Treatment: $275, 60 minutes
NYC, like all big cities, can take a toll on you. Luckily the Spa at Trump is close at hand to dispel gloom and put you into a calm and relaxed mood. Home to the city’s only Hamam, the Spa features spacious treatment rooms as well as indoor and outdoor relaxation lounges as well as three spa suites. Treatments at the Spa are inspired by wellness rituals from around the world.
One of the must-get treatments at the Spa is the Diamond Dust Treatment that purifies the body, helping release tension and eliminating the effects of electromagnetic pollution. Velvet mud formulated with diamond dust is applied all over the body followed by a thorough massage with soft magnetic gloves that lightly pick up dust particles from the scrub leaving skin noticeably more luminous and hydrated. The 60 minute treatment will set you back by $275. Mud cleansing combined a magnetic glove massage sounds just about exciting enough to earn the number 13 position for the Spa at the Trump hotel.

12. The Peninsula Spa at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Luxe treatment – Wellness Wave: $350, 60 minutes
Located adjacent to the Peninsula Hotel’s rooftop garden, the Peninsula Spa has long been a retreat for the who’s who of Hollywood. With a tailor made range of massages and facials on offer as well as a fitness center, one on one yoga and Pilates classes and a 60 foot pool, this rooftop haven will remind you that it’s always sunny in California.
The Peninsula Spa is home to the only Wellness Wave massage table in the world. The table’s revolutionary oscillation technology takes an already intensely relaxing massage to the next level. The patented technology enhances the benefits of the massage as therapists work in tandem with the table’s wave motion which can be customized from calming to exhilarating to provide relief from pain and tension as well as cellular detoxification and endorphin release. 60 minutes of the Wellness Wave treatment will set you back by $250. You can get the 90 minute version of the same treatment for $350. Their use of patented technology gives them a coveted position as the 12th best spa.

11. Alexandria at Four Seasons Hotel San Stefano, Egypt
Luxe treatment – Cleopatra Treatment: $160, 50 minutes
This award winning spa is a favorite with both critics and spa lovers alike. With fourteen treatment rooms, two couples suites, saunas and lounges with whirlpools this spa is an exotic escape from mundane daily life. The spa draws on the rich history of the region to create luxurious treatments that care for the mind and body.
Two thousand years ago, Antony and Cleopatra spent a winter in Alexandria before eventually raising a family, ruling a kingdom and dying tragically, each taking their own life because they believed they had lost the other. Cleopatra’s legendary beauty and the tales of her elaborate beauty rituals have inspired the luxuriant Cleopatra Treatment which includes a decadent Egyptian milk and honey bath. An ultra-relaxing 50 minute full-body massage concludes the treatment which is priced at $160. It’s certainly a treatment fit for a queen and ranks 11 among our favorite spas.

10. The Ishtar Spa by Resense at Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, Jordan
Luxe treatment – Bathing Kur: $430, 180 minutes
The Dead Sea is already known to be an amazing healing destination and the Ishtar spa makes the most of their location offering luxe treatments and personalized service. It is the largest spa in the region and comes complete with six outdoor individual treatment and relaxation areas, hydro-facilities with a steam room, sauna, and whirlpool, Tedidarium heated lounges, the Dead Sea pool and the largest hydro-pool in the Dead Sea.
The Bathing Kur service consists of a variety of treatments including hot and cold bathing, cleansing and massage with Dead Sea salts and mud as well as a stint in a sauna. The treatment aims to promote healing and wellness and concludes with an anointment in a sleeping room where you can truly forget your worries and switch off your mind. This three hour treatment is a tribute to the ancient practice of bathing and is priced at $430. The near miraculous healing properties of Dead Sea minerals make them a coveted spa ingredient, so a treatment that lets you soak in them to your heart’s content definitely deserves the number 10 spot on this list.

9. Away Spa at the W London, Leiceister Square
Luxe treatment – Su-Man Facial: $300, 60 minutes
Much as the name suggests, the Away spa is a sanctuary where you can flee your troubles and enjoy a day of unrestrained luxe glamor. With a team of celebrity therapists on hand to cater to your every whim, you’ll find yourself ready to be relaxed, rejuvenated and beautified. At Away expert massages by Hernan Valdivia, hair styling from Adam Bennett and rich golden tans from James Harknett are all at your fingertips.
The signature facials of Su-Man are one of the main draws that the spa has to offer. One of the most sought-after facialists in the world Su-Man was once the personal facialist of actress Juliette Binoche. Her treatments are a blend of Asian wisdom and Western science and are created to “awaken, lift and energize” the face. Anti-aging effects and a healthy glow are among the benefits of this bespoke hybrid facial that lasts for 60 minutes and is priced at roughly $300. The Away spa snags the number 9 spot on our list for its on-call celebrity therapists who make you feel like a star.

8. Emirates Palace Spa at the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi
Luxe treatment – Palace Massage: $215, 90 minutes
With an ingredient list that boasts items like gold, diamonds, and caviar, this spa is all about giving guests the royal treatment. Expect ancient spa traditions like the Moroccan Hammam combined with modern global skincare technology and personalized service. Get the best of old school precious ingredients and modern amenities at this Middle Eastern haven.
The spa’s signature Palace Massage consists of three different massage experiences each one designed to make you feel harmonized, energized or deeply relaxed. The harmonizing massage uses gold oil to re-balance the mind and body. The energizing massage uses diamond oil to restore vitality while the deep relaxing massage uses a caviar infused oil for a calming effect. Each massage targets a different part of the body and for just $215, offers relief from tiredness, aches and pains while preparing your body for a restful sleep. Combining the benefits of three massages in one is what earned the number 8 spot for the Emirates Palace Spa.

7. Iridium Spa at the St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Tibet
Luxe treatment – Himalayan Snow Rose: $870, 150 minutes
The Iridium Spa makes it their goal to offer the best in personalized, holistic treatments in a beautiful and tranquil setting. In a tribute to Tibetan wellness therapies, each guest can avail of a consultation to determine their dominant constitution and learn what treatments and herbs will benefit the most. Before and after their treatment, guests are offered beverages and snacks in the spa lounge.
The spa offers a Himalayan Snow Rose treatment that begins with an icy smoothing scrub followed by a glacier water hydrating wrap. A snow rose body scenting keeps things fragrant while a snow rose facial is the final soothing touch. This treatment is effective at repairing damaged skin cells and restoring the skin’s natural radiance while protecting it from environmental and lifestyle stress. The 150 minute treatment will cost you around $870 along with a service charge. The Iridium spa offers luxurious relaxation amidst majestic mountains and ranks 7 on our list.

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