Croatia to house Europe’s first rotating hotel

Hotels these days are more than just a place of accommodation. In fact many hotels have become the new landmarks of the country or nation. Croatia too, is all set to get its very own landmark hotel. The hotel will be the centerpiece of the resort which is located on Šolta Island near Split in Croatia. Designed by Richard Hywel Evans of Studio RHE, this hotel will be Europe’s first rotating hotel. Although not many details are yet available, World Architecture News reports the concept was proposed from a desire to provide sea views from each room. Evans says, “the 3 storey building is a 61 meter diameter very slow moving continuous turntable rotating 1.3 times per day, and will be built of steel in sections at the huge Split shipyards which are directly opposite the Island”. Evans further adds, “”The building is entered from below at Lower Ground Level which does not rotate with the 22 meter diameter centre hub of the building which is also static containing the Reception, circulation stairs and lifts”.

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The entire resort which will be built on a hillside olive grove with beautiful views of the scenic bay will boast of villas and guest pavilions besides the rotating hotel. The rotating hotel is set in an infinity edged swimming lake which spills over into a hillside spa below. Guests in this hotel will be treated to panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea the Roman remains of a Diocletian fish farm and dramatic countryside.
A great project, it is sure to draw luxury lovers from across the world.

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