Ritz-Carlton opens up in the costliest city – Moscow

Ritz-Carlton’s debut symbolizes the evolutionary changes taking place in Moscow. The city is quickly emerging on the world’s stage as a sophisticated and stylish destination for business and leisure travelers. Some days back we did mention that Moscow is the World’s costliest city and it is living up to its reputation with the opening of this luxurious hotel. Featuring the most spacious guestrooms in Moscow, The Ritz-Carlton fuses elements of classic design with surprisingly contemporary features. The cheapest rooms at the Ritz-Carlton hotel will cost a little over $1,000 after tax. However, the hotel’s presidential suite where the dining room is fitted with bullet-proof glass and windows costs a little over $16,000 a night.

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Situated at the historic Tverskaya Street, and offering spectacular views of the Red Square, the hotel is expecting about 80 percent of its guests to be foreign travelers. As the average monthly wage in Russia is still only about $500, this hotel is way out of reach for most people. However, General Manager Oliver Eller said they should not be deterred. Ordinary Muscovites were welcome to come in, take a look at the new hotel and order a cup of coffee, he said.

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