Say no to packing: Rent the Runway teams with W Hotels, checks in an entire wardrobe for guests

Are we truly on vacation even on vacations? Truly worry-free and relaxed? Let’s be honest we always carry decision-fatigue wherever we go. What do I wear? What do I eat? Will I have enough photos? While everything can’t be taken care of one of the most daunting tasks of choosing clothes for a trip, shopping for new expensive outfits, etc are all taken care of. How? Rent the Runway is taking care of your vacation-wear! The fashion rental company has partnered with Marriott International on a new service in which guests at four W Hotels can rent their vacation wardrobe when they check-in. Dream come true, right? This service is truly incredible as for only $69, visitors at W Hotels in Aspen, South Beach, Hollywood, and Washington, D.C. can pick four items to wear during their stay, which will be delivered to their rooms. You wear it, enjoy it, feel great, look awesome and then leave them with the hotel Welcome Desk upon checkout. This awesome idea is called RTR Closet Concierge and also includes a carefully curated collection of items tailored for the location for e.g., the hotel in Aspen will have abundant ski staples and winter-wear that you don’t have to carry in those outrageously big, bulky bags. Similarly, you can find an array of bold beachy picks in South Beach, Florida.

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If you think this is super thoughtful then wait till you hear this, the company will also have ‘mini closets’ at each hotel pre-stocked with location-appropriate outfits, in case guests want to swap or add on. Looks like traveling without luggage could be a possibility for the few people who can make the most of this service. The rest of us can mope around while lifting our heavy suitcases. Not just that, you don’t need to iron your outfits. You don’t repeat your clothes and feel fresh on a vacation, as one should feel. The list is endless! Here’s hoping Marriott Hotel offers this service in the remaining 55 hotels they have worldwide outside the United States.

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