The most expensive hotel package valued at $670,000 for a night at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

For those who love the privacy and don’t mind shelling thousands of dollars for even a single night away from the world, this news is just for you. On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, Tokyo’s Mandarin Oriental hotel is offering the chance to rent the entire property for one night. So if you think 55 million yen ($670,000) is not a heavy price to pay for privacy, then you had better contact the hotel right away. The exorbitant price includes the exclusive use of all the 157 guest rooms and 21 suites of the hotel, including the classy Presidential Suite, nine restaurants, cocktail bars, spa, fitness center, and Grand Ballroom. Given the hefty sum, this one night package definitely qualifies to become the most expensive hotel offering in the world.

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And if it gets lonely, you can take the hotel up on its offer, which includes a cocktail reception for 500 people with the dessert portion catered by an award-winning Japanese pastry chef.
An offering that will not only attract those in seek of privacy but also those looking to flaunt their status, it is sure to generate interest among many well heeled folks. The package is available until Nov 30, 2011.

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