Daisuke Sakaguchi Phone Accessories

Ornamentation…and more ornamentation is the new mantra today. Be it your garb, your car, or even your cell phone. Today there is no place for plain- Jane. She rather stays home. But all those who wanna be ‘in’ have to own one of Oki-ni’s mobile phone accessories. This London based design group along with Japanese graffiti artist Daisuke Sakaguchi has launched the street-lux mobile phone accessories. These hallmarked sterling silver accessories are the need of the day. They come attached with a plastic-coated stainless steel wire loop. This collection of four designs looks like a 3-d interpretation of the artist’s graffiti. In contrast to his customary work, these designs are very uncomplicated and sophisticated. Each piece comes with an exceptional display that features Daisukes tag.

These must-have pieces of trimmings are available exclusively at oki-ni starting at $168. Get them and be in vogue!

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