Daisuke Sakaguchi Phone Accessories

Ornamentation…and more ornamentation is the new mantra today. Be it your garb, your car, or even your cell phone. Today there is no place for plain- Jane. She rather stays home. But all those who wanna be ‘in’ have to own one of Oki-ni’s mobile phone accessories. This London based design group along with Japanese graffiti artist Daisuke Sakaguchi has launched the street-lux mobile phone accessories. These hallmarked sterling silver accessories are the need of the day. They come attached with a plastic-coated stainless steel wire loop. This collection of four designs looks like a 3-d interpretation of the artist’s graffiti. In contrast to his customary work, these designs are very uncomplicated and sophisticated. Each piece comes with an exceptional display that features Daisukes tag.

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These must-have pieces of trimmings are available exclusively at oki-ni starting at $168. Get them and be in vogue!