The Swarovski strip show

Artists have always been known to be a little extreme probably cause of their obsession for their work, they live in their own world and are ever-pondering. But this has reached an all-time high of a dim-witted expression of art. One million Swarovski crystals have been placed on this alluring young model, with enterprising entrepreneurs aiming to sell these pieces of micro-bling one by one, for one euro each. Its some sort of strange performance art. It involves the unraveling of the model by removing the crystals once they are sold. And what will u have when all of them are sold? (that is if they are!). A dare bare view of the model in all her glory.

Now, this is some sort of a shoddy gimmick. A mass disrobing ceremony that all perverts will pay homage to. The crux however lies in the fact that freedom of expression is a birth-right and Swarovski sure knows how to bank on it!
Millioncrystalbody via Gizmodo

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