Gemfields x Muse collaboration pave way for daily – wear gemstones

Yet another delightful collaboration has evolved in recent times. Gemfields, renowned supplier of responsibly-sourced gemstones, and Muse, the backbone support for the fine jewellery industry’s looming and experienced talent, have teamed up to showcase an exhilarating selection of jewellery.

Labelled ‘All About the Ear’, the partnership’s focal point is the earring and the ongoing trend of mixing, matching and multiples. The exhibit proves how effortlessly rubies and emeralds can be inculcated into our daily wardrobe and have evolved to become a quintessential part of our wardrobe essentials.

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The platform has breathed a new life into the 500 million year old gemstones. The dazzling gemstones can be worn in an array of hoops, studs and chandeliers. Of course, each piece is carefully selected and polished by Muse’s team of talent to produce a fine finished product. “We are delighted to support independent and emerging designers with the GemfieldsxMuse collaboration,” said Gemfields chief executive Sean Gilbertson, “the variety of styles and designers wonderfully demonstrate the versatility of these coloured gemstones, making it fun and exciting to build a responsibly sourced gemstone collection for everyday wear.”

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A plethora of renowned designers such as Silvia Furmanovich, Ana Khouri, Holly Dyment, Michelle Fantaci, Tara Hirshberg and Nikos Koulis to name but a few, have all curated exceptional designs of earrings using Gemfields’ responsibly sourced Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds.

I was thoroughly impressed with the innumerable range of styles and price points. More so, it has convinced me that rubies and emeralds are ideal for daily use.

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