Mont Blanc to open first pop store in Mumbai

Mont Blanc, the epitome of luxury writing instruments, is officially launching its first store in a mall. The luxury German brand will launch its first pop-up store in Palladium, Mumbai.

The Mont Blanc pop-up store will be an exclusive indulgence, which will offer products like watches, jewellery, eyewear, and accessories. Though, Mont Blanc has stores in five star hotels like Taj Mahal, Grand Hyatt, and Marriot, it the first time the company is launching the pop-up store concept in India. Pop-up shops, popular in countries like Canada, the US, Britain and Australia, are temporary shops which sell goods for a limited period of time, then shut down and move elsewhere. However, the planned high-end boutique will only offer jewellery, watches and limited edition of writing instruments unlike its existing 15 boutiques across India that offers the complete range.

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The Mont Blanc pop- up store will be an exclusive luxury space, which will offer products for a limited time, with prices starting from Rs. 18,000. The brand also plans to set up similar stores in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune etc.

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