Review: We take the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience at the Quan Spa, JW Marriott Mumbai

Soothing, whitewashed walls, strains of slow music and an air of relaxation greet you as you enter the Quan Spa at Mumbai’s JW Marriott hotel. Spa director Rashmi Ambastha kindly gave me a tour of the spa premises and explained some of the design concepts behind it.

quan-spa-1Designed by Zoran Dzunic (a Serbian designer who has worked on several high profile projects including the renovation of the Taj Hotel in Mumbai) the spa’s reception and waiting area keeps to an aquatic theme with shades of turquoise and white and some interesting artwork including a sculpture of a person submerged in water by Sunil Padwal.

quan-spa-reception-2Though as you step into the corridors that lead into the treatment rooms, the mood is different with orange lighting and wooden floors lending a warm cozy feel. The treatment rooms glow with the same orange light and each of them is designed with the body’s chakras in mind. The translucent doors feature the inscriptions of the chakras and as you lie on the massage table, you are faced with a glass panel with a chakra inscription and a lit candle below, the idea is to relax and focus on that chakra while the massage therapist performs the treatment.

Besides the regular treatment rooms, the Spa features hydrotherapy rooms, a fitness room (with a great view, I might add), a steam room and Jacuzzi and a rather extravagant couple’s treatment room complete with its own shower and bathtub. Suffice to say Quan does not skimp on space; not many spas attached to hotels can claim to be as expansive as Quan and because the place has so much to offer, interested individuals can purchase a membership to the spa and avail of the facilities as and when they like.

Couples Massage Room
Couples Massage Room
The spa offers a wide array of treatments, from wraps, facials and hair treatments to a variety of themed massages that include Thai, Indian and Swedish techniques. Each treatment has a special objective, some offer rejuvenation, some are all about relaxation while others relieve aches and pains. All treatments are designed to benefit not just your body, but also your mind. Spa enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice at Quan.

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Treatment Room
Treatment Room
My treatment was the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience which is described as a “hero treatment that releases tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged. Carefully applied pressures stimulate the nervous system, Swedish and neuromuscular techniques relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage helps encourage a healthy circulation. Stresses and strains are dissolved away.” The treatment is available in 30, 60 or 90 minute durations, mine was 90 minutes.

The treatment begins (like all others at Quan) with a refreshing drink and a few minutes spent filling out a form in the waiting area. In this form, you divulge important personal details including medical conditions, skin type etc. I also traded my shoes for comfortable indoor slippers.

Next, I was assigned a massage therapist – Yasmin – who led me into one of the treatment rooms. After I had changed into a robe, Yasmin treated me to a complementary foot soak while she talked to me about the kind of massage I was going to get. Sensing that I was restless and on edge, she recommended a relaxing and calming approach that would give make me energetic while toning down my hyperactivity.

quan-spa-6When I laid down on the massage table, I found that staring at the flickering candle flame through the chakra inscribed glass panel was indeed oddly soothing. Yasmin poured warm sandalwood scented oil on my back and shoulders and began the massage. Pressure was applied in a mix of kneading and pressing motions as well as the usual sweeping strokes. Yasmin paid particular attention to my shoulders and the base and sides of my spine. At some points I felt like I was getting a deep tissue massage as the pressure got pretty intense at times, but Yasmin took my occasional discomfort into account and contrasted the more intensive moments with softer and gentler motions.

She moved from my shoulders to my legs, taking the time to attend to the entire length of my limbs from thigh to toe. For me, the leg massage was the best part of the entire treatment. I could actually feel the tension draining out of me and I honestly never wanted to end.

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Yasmin was incredibly attentive, not only did she ask me at every stage if I was comfortable, but also read my body language well enough to change track when I didn’t like something.

After she was finished with my arms and neck, Yasmin poured the scented oil into my hair and before lightly massaging my scalp. Though hair pulling doesn’t sound like a pleasurable prospect on paper, the light tugging actually felt amazing especially with the facial massage that followed.

My 90 minutes of pampering were now up but the spa experience was far from over. Yasmin recommended a few minutes in the steam room and I did not regret taking her advice. Being seated on a wooden bench in the sauna was a near heavenly experience after my massage. At this point you can choose your post-treatment drink. Juices, teas and water are on offer.

The showers at Quan are high pressure and memorable. Whether you use the overhead shower or the hand shower, you will enjoy the healthy pressure that will whacks the stress right out of your muscles even if you haven’t had a massage. I was invited to make use of the Jacuzzi but was not able to take up the offer, but I certainly wished I could as the Jacuzzi was large and looked really tempting.

I loved Quan for its unapologetic dedication to comfort and luxury. An A-list clientele ensures that the spa is always at the top of their game providing world class service and amenities to guests and members. For me, the experience didn’t end with the treatment as I felt lighter and more relaxed for the rest of the day and I would definitely visit again, maybe to try out their popular hydrotherapy treatment. If a through pampering is what you seek, then you need not look any further.

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience (90 minutes) – Rs. 6200 + taxes.

Quan Spa – JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai,
Juhu Tara Road,
Mumbai 400049 India
Tel: +91 22 66933610

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